The Big Book of Socks

The Big Book of Socks

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The ultimate beyond-the-basics guide to knitting socks

Kathleen Taylor


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  • Type Paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-085-1
  • Published Date 2009
  • Pages 192
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If you're a sock-knitter who's been looking for a new source of fresh, creative patterns, here's the book for you.

In The Big Book of Socks, Kathi Taylor brings her unique design sensibility to over 75 gorgeous patterns -- each accompanied by clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or expert knitter, you'll find lots of great, new ideas for challenging designs that can transform a basic pair of socks into a colorful fashion statement.

With page after page of inside tips and professional advice, the author goes well beyond the basics, to give you practical insights on everything from choosing yarn and needles, to proven techniques for sock construction.

As you flip through the pages, you'll find lots of patterns for the most basic types of socks. But you'll also discover a wide range of exciting patterns for stripes, lace, intarsia, cables and texture, stranded Fair Isle, plus some funky toe socks and other fun patterns made from novelty yarns.

And to make sure everyone in the family gets to show off your homemade socks, every pattern comes with sizing for children, women and men.

If you love to try your hand at new and unique sock-knitting patterns, here's a stunning collection of original patterns -- brought to you by a world-renown knitwear designer.
Table of Contents
The Wonderful Madness That Is Sock Knitting

Basic Socks

Striped Socks

Textured And Cabled Socks

Lace Socks

Colorwork Socks

Just For Fun Socks
People are never surprised to see me knitting socks, which is why I was so excited when my wonderful editor, Erica, approached me about writing a big, honkin' book of sock patterns. The process of putting them together was exhilarating and exhausting. For months, I knitted nothing except socks. What was the first thing I cast on when I was finished working on the book? Socks.

I doubt there's a single sock knitter out there who hasn't heard, "You know, you can buy those for two dollars a pair." I knit socks because knitting socks makes me happy. That's the only reason I need, but of course, there are many more. Socks are small and portable. You can tuck the yarn, needles, and pattern into your purse and take them anywhere, whipping them out whenever you have a few spare minutes. Hand-knitted socks are long-lasting and unique. They can be made by beginners and by people who can knit in their sleep. They can be knitted slowly with needles that resemble wire and yarn that resembles thread, or quickly with large needles and fat yarn. But no matter. Hand-knitted socks are hugs for the feet. Who needs more reason than that?


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