Teach Yourself to Sew Special Issue & Video DVD set

Teach Yourself to Sew Special Issue & Video DVD set

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Total coverage of garment sewing basics
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  • Published Date 2010

This set offers you the best of both worlds. This Teach Yourself to Sew magazine-and-DVD set is designed for beginners -- and it's great for returning sewers, too. A dynamic combination of print and video, it makes mastering the basics of garment sewing fun and as easy as 1-2-3.

This special issue gets you started off right. You'll not only enjoy a simple, clear introduction to the basics, but you'll learn how to drive your machine, work with patterns, understand the anatomy of a garment, and learn the language of sewing. Browsing these pages offers a delightful look at all that sewing entails, from the practical to the creative.

Over two hours of video show you how. Our experienced editors walk you through the fundamentals, from threading your machine to attaching the final button. In easy-paced segments, you'll see exactly how each step is done and understand the why behind it, including: How stitches are formed. Why woven fabrics differ from knits. When you need to press seams and so much more.

Perfect for all skill levels. Whether you're falling in love with sewing -- or already passionate about it -- you'll benefit from seeing how a well a well-made garment is sewn. The timeless contents of this set provides a solid foundation so you can quickly go on to new challenges.

Plus, easy projects to sew: Build your confidence and expand your wardrobe with easy-to-make garments that don't require pattern. Just add your own creative touches and you're on your way!

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Teach Yourself to Sew combo set makes sewing as easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Learn it -- discover the basics
  2. Sew it -- follow the simple steps
  3. Wear it -- show off today's styles
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