Teach Yourself to Sew DVD

Teach Yourself to Sew, Season 1

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A complete guide to garment sewing basics

From the editors of Threads


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  • Product # 031028
  • Type DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-370-8
  • Length 2 ½ hours - 150 mins
  • Published Date 2010

Especially for beginners and returning sewers. If you're falling in love with sewing -- or already passionate about it -- our Teach Yourself to Sew DVD will have you sewing great clothes in no time.

Over two hours of how-to demos. Our experienced Threads editors personally walk you through the fundamentals, from threading your machine or attaching the final button. In easy-paced video segments, you'll see up close exactly how each step is done and understand why.

More than information. What makes this DVD so special is that along with how-to information, it also offers insight into the basics. How stitches are formed by your machine. Why woven fabrics differ from knits. When you need to press seams. Plus, it helps you see all the creative options for expressing your own personal style when sewing, for example, your very own bias-strip scarf.

Brushing up your skills. For returning sewers, this DVD is the place to go any time you want to be sure you're proceeding correctly. The timeless contents provide a solid foundation for building on the basics and going on to new challenges.

Your trusted guide to sewing. At last, everything you need to start sewing is in one handy place. Teach Yourself to Sew provides a complete course in mastering the basics.

Read what people say about Teach Yourself to Sew:

"I think this is a great idea. [I'm] learning to sew again after many years of forgetting some rules of how to sew."

"I have sewn for over 30 years and never knew how, when using a sewing machine, the thread locked into a stitch. Your demonstration of this process was excellent — visually perfect!"

"For the first time in decades I understand how the top thread winds around the bobbin thread. Suddenly all of the factors in making a good stitch make sense! I have see many complex video demonstrations which only left me more confused. THREADS never ceases to amaze me!"

"Teach Yourself to Sew" is a revelation and definitely not just for beginners!"

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