Starting from Seed

Starting from Seed

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A complete guide to getting great results!

From the editors of Fine Gardening

Softcover magazine

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  • Product # 044036
  • Type Softcover magazine
  • Published Date 2012

Back by popular demand – Starting from Seed – available once again. With the strong interest in growing your own, this was bound to be a hot topic. So hot, in fact, that the issue quickly sold out. Thus, we are offering a reprint of this issue to meet demand and make this information available to the newest crop of gardeners.

An expert guide to growing from seed. This special issue from Fine Gardening has all the answers for anyone who wants to start plants directly from seed -- beginners to advanced gardeners, and even folks who never gardened before. The easy step-by-step instructions demystify the process and help you get the best possible results.

Trusted advice from Fine Gardening. This complete guide brings together the best, in-depth information and answers to the most-asked questions on all aspects of growing from seed. And no one provides more trusted advice than Fine Gardening. Our articles are written by top horticulturists, growers, plantsmen, and hands-on experts -- and our staff includes many experienced gardeners, as well.

The basics and beyond. From starting old-fashioned annuals to growing the tastiest tomatoes, Starting from Seed covers the most popular plants to start from seed. It helps you grow disease-free seedlings and learn how to successfully transplant and nurture them throughout the growing cycle. And it tells you all about the products you need -- and which ones you don't.

A great way to save! These days everyone is thinking: value. With this guide, you can save big by growing your own instead of purchasing starter trays of annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetables, and tomatoes. With help from this information-packed guide, you can save money, grow more plants at less cost, acquire plants, like wildflowers, that are hard to find or unavailable at nurseries.

Don’t miss this chance to get your copy of this reprint.



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Learn something new! Review by rourri

My husband and I have a large yard with both flowers and veggie beds. We have been gardening for more than 7 years and I thought that this would be just a slightly different slant on how to grow plants from what we already knew. I saw this on the shelf in an airport and almost passed it up thinking it was for newbies... Come to find out it is great resource and innovative as well! The egg shell planing idea on the cover was something completely unexpected! I am even thinking of coloring the egg shells to then plant seedlings in to sell at the garden club sale! Lots of info for the seasoned gardener and the beginner in this one! Worth the money!

(Posted on 2/21/12)

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