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Product#  031038
Type:  DVD Boxed Set
ISBN:  978-1-62113-409-1
Published Date:  2013

Learn Kenneth's foolproof way to fit any garment.

Couture designer and popular instructor Kenneth D. King demonstrates his breakthrough fitting method of net gain, net loss, and no-net change. Anyone who sews can benefit from his versatile techniques and master them because they are logical and straightforward, easily applied to any garment, and so simple anyone can do it.

It's like taking classes with Professor King for a one-time cost. Learn Smart Fitting from the same designer who developed it and now teaches it at New York's famous Fashion Institute of Technology. And do it at your own pace, in your own home, and review any part of it at any time. Plus you can even work alongside the video, hitting pause and duplicating each step until you have it down pat.

Fit any figure, solve any fitting challenge.
The beauty of Smart Fitting is that it is extremely versatile and easily applied to any garment. See how Kenneth fits jackets, pants, and a skirt to a variety of different body types without affecting the original details and proportions of the garment. Smart Fitting also streamlines the fitting process and cuts through the confusion, so any sewer, new or advanced, can do it.

Smart solutions you'll use every day.
Think of the typical scenarios you encounter in trying to fit a new garment. As you’ll see, Smart Fitting offers quick and effective solutions for almost any fitting challenge, including...

  • Changing the length of a garment where needed – between the waist and the bust, the hips and the waist, or on the front but not the back.
  • Removing excess fabric or adding fabric to too-tight areas of a garment exactly where needed.
  • Compensating for pattern changes so the adjoining pieces all fit together.
  • Removing baggy fabric from under the seat in pants and above the bust in jackets.
  • Fitting and adjusting the sleeve and its relationship to the armhole and body.
  • Changing the shape of the garment when fitting isn’t just a matter of making it larger or smaller in specific places.

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Learn the art of fitting from a fashion leader and a highly sought after instructor.

Kenneth D. King is a contributing editor at Threads Magazine, couture fashion designer, author, and popular professor at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He specializes in custom evening wear and his designs appear in the permanent collections of leading museums, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, renowned for its art and design collections.

Smart Fitting — everything you need to know! This lesson-packed video series demonstrates the entire process: determining the fit, adjusting the pattern, and fitting the upper and the lower body.

Plus, Kenneth shows how to make a muslin, a test garment you will continue to rely on over and over again to achieve your personal perfect fit. Once your muslin is set, you can use it to adjust the pattern. It's easy and a great timesaver because a muslin enables you to fit future garments more quickly and effectively.

It's all here - more than 2 hours of demos on 3 discs!

Disc #1:Fitting the Upper Torso
Meet Kenneth King

  • Underlying principles of fitting: Net gain, Net loss, No net change
  • Recognizing & evaluating a good fit in a muslin test garment
  • Reading the garment
  • Transferring to the pattern
  • Adjusting the pattern
  • Applying his approach

Disc #2:Fitting Jackets
Fitting vs. Over-fitting

  • Slim torso
  • Full bust
  • Curvy shape

Disc #3:Fitting Skirts & Trousers

  • Fitting a skirt
  • Why pants are tricky to fit
  • Slim fit
  • Curvy fit
  • A good fit is worth the effort

The whole nine yards plus extra bonus material!
Smart Fitting with Kenneth D. King also includes a wealth of bonus content, including:

  • Four original smart fitting articles from Threads magazine
  • 13 video lessons from Professor King on fundamentals you need to know
  • A behind-the-scenes chat with Kenneth and a discussion on style vs. fashion

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At this price, you can't afford to pass up this opportunity! Enjoy a complete workshop, taught by Kenneth D. King on your time schedule and with the unlimited options to review any part, any time. It's like having professional one-on-one instruction for the price of a DVD series.

Order the complete workshop on DVD plus Extra Bonus Content.