Rough Cut--Woodworking with Tommy Mac

Rough Cut—Woodworking with Tommy Mac

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13 all-new projects from Season 2

Tommy MacDonald


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  • Product # 071428
  • Type Paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-821-5
  • Published Date 2012
  • Dimensions 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
  • Pages 176
  • Photos 600
  • Drawings 70

Famed woodworker and Emmy Award-nominated talent Tommy “Mac” MacDonald takes readers by the hand to create all 13 projects from the second season of public television’s smash hit, Rough Cut—Woodworking with Tommy Mac.

Woodworkers of all levels will love constructing both traditional and contemporary pieces such as a drop-leaf table, an Arts and Crafts-style chair, a splayed-leg console table, and a sand-shaded clock. Tommy’s encouraging style will give readers the confidence they need to take his tips and techniques and put them into action. All 13 pieces come with a full plan with dimensions, materials list, step-by-step instructions, and even design options. “Road trip” sidebars allow fellow builders to visit workshops of both established and up-and-coming furniture makers, where even a pro like Tommy picked up interesting nuggets.

About the Authors
Woodworker Thomas J. MacDonald has been featured in Forbes, Fine Woodworking, and The Boston Globe. His furniture has been displayed at the Massachusetts Historical Society, The Pendleton House at RISD’s Museum of Art, and the Concord Museum. MacDonald’s first season of Rough Cut—Woodworking with Tommy Mac was nominated for a 2011 daytime television Emmy Award.

Laurie Donnelly is the Executive Producer in charge of WGBH-TV Lifestyle Programming and the Executive Producer/Director of Rough Cut. Both MacDonald and Donnelly live in Massachusetts.

Table of Contents


Dressing Mirror
Technique: Making Finger Joints on a Tablesaw

Arts and Crafts

Technique: Laying Out and Cutting Curved Parts

Pie Crust Tray
Technique: Learning to Carve with the Grain

Serving Cart
Technique: Culling the Best Material from Oversize Stock

Drop-Leaf Table
Technique: Making Hinged Fly Rails

Turned Floor Lamp
Technique: Learning the Basics of Turning

Standing Mirror
Technique: Cutting Dovetails

Veneered Coffee Table
Technique: Working with Veneer

Laminated Coat Rack
Technique: Stack Laminations from Precise Milling

Console Table
Technique: Making Curved Parts

Sand-Shaded Clock
Technique: Shading Veneer

Simple Bookcase
Technique: Building a Router Jig

Potting Station
Technique: Ripping Stock with a Circular Saw




Woodworking satisfies the soul. It allows you to make something out of nothing, whether you are creating a project for yourself or to give as a gift.

The projects in this companion book to the second season of Rough Cut—Woodworking with Tommy Mac were designed specifically to help you continue growing as a woodworker. You can build these projects just as they are or make them your own, as we say on our television show. We strongly suggest you work from the plans, but adapt them to make the project fit your home, your style, and your tastes. You’ll find a few design options throughout this book to help you get started thinking about the projects in different ways.

As with the companion book to the first season of Rough Cut, tips and techniques are scattered throughout the book, all to help you develop your skills and get comfortable in the shop. The projects here have been designed to get you in the shop and have some fun. As always, be safe and remember that we encourage you to play around with these projects. Change them however you like to make them your own.


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