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Real Italian

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The ultimate source for Italian classics

From the editors of Fine Cooking

Softcover magazine

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  • Product # 052036
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  • Published Date 2010
Quite possibly the most popular food on the planet: Real Italian, a special issue from Fine Cooking, brings you the best, authentic Italian dishes -- all in one classic collection. It covers everything from pre-dinner drinks and small savory nibbles to after-dinner coffee with a luscious tiramis�. All your favorites are here to enjoy: from appetizers to soups, main dishes to vegetables, calzones to desserts.

Here's the real thing: What makes this issue so exciting is the emphasis on cooking popular dishes the way they're actually made in Italy. Now you can learn the little-known secrets, tips, and techniques for preparing everything from pizza to spaghetti and meatballs -- but in the most authentic way.

Step-by-step guide: Detailed instructions show you how to master the techniques for preparing simple foods that are simply delicious. You'll see how experienced cooks braise fennel, make pasta from scratch, prepare and stuff ravioli, and explain the secrets to creating light and fluffy gnocchi.

Best of all, this fabulous issue will help you plan, cook, and treat family and friends to an unforgettable Italian feast. So, go ahead. Cook up some real authentic Italian. Then invite everyone -- as they do in Rome -- to "mangia" and enjoy every last bite!

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