Quilt With Scraps

Quilt With Scraps!

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14 complete patterns for quilts and more!

Joan Ford

Softcover Magazine


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  • Product # 034034
  • Type Softcover Magazine
  • Published Date 2014
  • Pages 124

Don’t let scraps hinder your creativity This special issue of Quilt with Scraps! introduces you to Joan Ford’s ScrapTherapy, her breakthrough method for turning your unorganized scraps into amazing projects. Ford’s technique teaches you how to tame your ever-growing pile of leftover fabric – with fabulous results! With full instructions for 14 projects ranging from table runners to totes not only will you find creative ways to whittle down your pile but new ways to get inspired and excited about your designs.

A peek inside Inside Quilt with Scraps! you’ll find a wide assortment of patterns and projects including:

  • Magic Carpet Table Runner and Quilt
  • Citrus Kitchen Set: Pot Holders and Table Runner
  • Square Peg, Round Hole
  • Chrusciki Tote

Get it now and get organized It’s time to see your scraps as an opportunity. The enjoyment and warmth each fabric once held can once again emerge and bring light to new and exciting projects you can keep for yourself or give as gifts to be cherished.

Get your copy today and get organized.


About the Author Joan Ford is the creator of ScrapTherapy, a term she coined to describe the best ways to use up your growing mountain of unused fabric. Instead of throwing away your “scraps” Ford has created a feel-good method of organizing and then creating with material you otherwise would have tossed. 


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