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Power Tool Techniques

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Using power tools effectively and safely

From the editors of Fine Woodworking

Softcover magazine

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  • Product # 017016
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  • Published Date 2010
A powerhouse reference. Power Tool Techniques from Fine Woodworking deals with information so vital that it really does belong in every shop. It's your guide to best practices for using power tools effectively and safely.

Work more efficiently. Our staff travels the country to bring you the shop-tested techniques practiced by the finest craftsmen. Over time, they have refined their methods to save time, avoid typical pitfalls, and work more efficiently. And now you can, too.

Take the drudgery out of woodworking. Anyone who builds furniture will be especially interested in how power tools help you work faster and better:
  • Mill lumber flat on the jointer and planer
  • Rip and crosscut easily on a tablesaw
  • Shape flawless curves on a bandsaw
  • Get better cuts using a miter saw
  • Cut furniture joints quickly and safely
  • Turn your router table into a powerhouse

A must-have for every workshop. Plus, this issue also covers the handheld power tools -- sanders, routers, and cordless drills -- that have taken the hard labor out of woodworking and doing it yourself. Used correctly, these tools will speed your work so you can concentrate on honing the fine details.

Just one tip makes it well worth the price.

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