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Power Tool Techniques

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Power Tool Techniques

From the editors of Fine Woodworking

Softcover magazine

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  • Product # 017002
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  • Published Date 2005
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Your power tools are among the most useful resources in your shop. And knowing how to put them to better use can improve the quality of everything you build.

Fine Woodworking's new Power Tool Techniques starts you off with the basics, like ripping and crosscutting on your tablesaw, and takes you through advanced techniques like router-cut joinery.

You'll also learn to:
  • get more from your tools
  • make time saving jigs
  • use a router table efficiently
  • mill rough lumber
  • make frame-and-panel doors
  • build better with biscuits
  • operate tools safely
  • and more

    Inside you'll find these tools:
  • tablesaws
  • bandsaws
  • benchtop planers
  • jointers
  • routers
  • biscuit joiners
  • cordless drills
  • Table of Contents


    Editor's Letter
    Think safety first
    Basic Skills: Seven tips for handheld drilling; Seven tips for routing
    Questions & Answers
    My five essential power tools
    Clean Cuts: Improve your tablesaw techniques
    Quick Tips


    Router Joinery
    Simple jig works with a plunge router to make quick, strong mortise-and-tenon joints
    By Lon Schleining

    Get the Most from Your Router Table
    Special jigs to hold the work yield cleaner cuts with increased safety
    by Pat Warner

    Traditional Joinery With Power Tools
    Five steps to building a frame-and-panel door
    By Lonnie Bird

    A Tablesaw Primer: Ripping and Crosscutting
    The proper techniques help ensure accurate and safe cuts
    by Kelly Mehler

    Cutting it Close on the Tablesaw
    When cutting small workpieces, you don't have to sacrifice safety for accuracy
    by Steve Latta

    Cove Molding Cut on the Tablesaw
    Safe, accurate methods to make your own molding
    by Stuart Sabol

    Tablesaw Crosscut Jigs
    Shopmade sleds yield speed, accuracy, and safety
    by Steve Latta

    Make Doors With a Tablesaw and Router Table
    Three types of doors fulfill most cabinet needs
    by Steve Latta

    Bandsaw Bracket Feet
    A basic jig helps give your furniture a sophisticated look
    by Randall O'Donnell

    The Jointer and Planer Are a Team
    Armed with both, you can flatten boards to any thickness
    by Gary Rogowski

    Use the Bandsaw, Jointer, and Planer to Mill Rough Lumber
    Employ your power tools in the right order to get square, stable stock
    by Gary Rogowski

    Cutting Large Pieces with a Circular Saw
    With a folding table and dedicated guides, this tool cuts large panels cleanly and easily
    by Gary Williams

    Get More from Your Drill Press
    Increase the versatility of this basic machine using low-cost, shopmade jigs
    By Gary Rogowski

    Biscuit Basics
    This versatile and speedy system handles all the joints in plywood casework
    by Tony O'Malley


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