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Plant Combinations

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Common plants in uncommon pairings give every garden professional-looking results

From the editors of Fine Gardening

Softcover magazine

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  • Product # 044034
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  • Published Date 2011

Exciting combinations pump life into any garden. A great garden isn’t about buying one plant and putting it somewhere, anywhere. It’s about putting together combinations of plants that bring out the best in each other – and make your garden look absolutely gorgeous.

An uncommon approach to common plants. In this edition of Fine Gardening’s Plant Combinations, you’ll learn how to take common plants and create combinations that are anything but dull. If black-eyed Susans and lambs’ ears bored you, you need to see how we make them work. If you were stumped on how to work Japanese forest grass or sea holly into your beds, you won’t be after you see what we’ve done.

Clearly detailed for every skill level. Whether you’re new to the garden or an experienced gardener trying to shake things up, Plant Combinations is a must read. You’ll get page after page of lush photos accompanied by clearly detailed approaches for recreating these attractive plant arrangements in your garden.

For every zone, every garden. We’ve compiled a robust collection of combinations from all over the country, so no matter what zone you’re in, you’ll find solutions that please your design sense and suit your conditions. Get Plant Combinations today and see how you can turn your garden from good to gorgeous!


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Great ideas Review by Cheryl

This has been my go-to book for creating little ensembles in my garden. Photography is beautiful, as always, and many of the combinations are unusual and contain not only plants that grow in the same conditions, but plants with contrasting textures as well as colors.

(Posted on 10/9/13)

Great for homes with shade and lawns of grass. Review by Sharon

I really did enjoy this book. I realized how much I missed my gardens and the growing season in the Southeast (FL).

I currently have a home in the Southwest with no green 'lawn', no trees...all desert and open. Basically a clean slate. I have several Ocatillo, a variety of Yuccas, a variety of Cactus and Ironwood, etc.

I do have one spot that I save for butterflies and hummingbirds. The section on Sea Hollies and additional drought tolerant flowering plants was very nice to see.

Thank you for such a great Magazine and Website.

(Posted on 4/9/13)

This book gives you a great visual of your garden. Review by john

It's a great book to understanding what your garden will be once it is grown out. During the off season it is difficult to visualize the garden flowered out and how your garden will be come in spring. This book does that for you.
The book gives you climate zones for each plant. I considered this book small considering it needs to cover many climate zones of the United States. I live in the West and about 1/3 of the book was directly applicable to my area. Considering the amount of knowledge versus the cost you can't go wrong buying it.

(Posted on 8/21/12)

3 Reviews

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