Kaffe Quilts Again

Kaffe Quilts Again

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20 favorite quilts in new Colorways from Rowan

Kaffe Fassett


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  • Product # 071434
  • Type Paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-766-9
  • Published Date 2012
  • Dimensions 8 3/4 x 11
  • Pages 144
  • Photos 80
  • Drawings 80

Kaffe Fassett presents 20 all-new quilts. Now you can quilt your own heirloom with this richly illustrated how-to guide. Featuring an array of new fabrics and expanded colors, it provides complete instructions for creating 20 museum-quality quilts that will become family treasures.

The latest fabrics and patterns. Photographed in Bulgaria, against a backdrop of splendid painted houses and wedding-cake churches, each quilt in this collection is a classic Kaffe pattern worked in the latest Rowan fabrics and scintillating color palettes.

Extraordinary creativity! Like all his best-selling books, Kaffe Quilts Again showcases designs so brilliant and unique, they simply take your breath away. Don’t miss your chance to be delighted and inspired.

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About the author
A world-renowned designer, Kaffe Fassett is a name every quilter knows. Throughout his career, Kaffe’s work has inspired American fashion designers, been commissioned by the British monarchy, and continues to be prized by quilters and quilt aficionados. For more than a decade, Fassett has partnered with Rowan to create the Kaffe Fassett Collection, which debuts new fabrics each fall. He has written numerous quilt bestsellers, including Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts in Sweden, Kaffe Fassett’s Quilts en Provence, and Kaffe Fassett’s Quilt Romance.

Table of Contents

New fabric designs
Colour lessons using favourite blocks

Gallery of Quilts
Crazy Cutting Corners
Blue Frames
Red Frames
Pastel Big Bang
Earthy Big Bang
Green Star Bouquet
Carnival S Block
Marquee Chevrons
Rich Chevrons
Sunshine Star
Garden Chintz
Dotty All Seasons Garden
Summer Chelsea
Driftwood My Fair Lady
Mardi Gras Star
Hot Matisse Villa
Twilight Two Up Two Down
Dusky African Huts
Return to Rosy
Grey Gridlock

Quilt Assembly Instructions
Patchwork Know-how


What is it about a traditional, unspoilt working farming village that affects us so deeply? We decided to photograph this book in just such a village in Bulgaria, three hours from Sofia. We were introduced to it by our Bulgarian friend, Chris, and we stayed in a house built by his great-grandfather – Chris’s wife Dora grew up around the corner. When we met Chris and Dora in London, we should have guessed from their warmth and generosity of spirit that they came from somewhere special.

The unselfconscious aesthetics that naturally occur in an old farming culture like this one gave us just the right setting for the glowing colours of our quilts. The domestic animals, donkeys, horses, pigs and poultry give a self-sustaining security to the place, but what really caught our eye was the fecund vegetable and fruit crops ripening in the autumn sun on the porches of the village houses, and the patched faded doors and rich rust-coloured tiled roofs. They echoed the colours in our quilts perfectly.

Living there for the days of our shoot we were introduced to their traditions: making their own brandy from the grape arbours on each house, bottling their own preserves and tomatoes and making the feta cheese that is a staple of every meal. The full flavour of those deep red tomatoes and the exquisite white peaches that we plucked warm off the trees are still singing on my palette.

Self-sufficiency can lead over the years to a beautiful way of life and in villages like this not much has changed. The tools and implements used are often hand-made and certainly the structures of the houses and barns have the harmonious beauty of traditional and functional design. The terracotta roof tiles and the half- timbered wood combines with the soft red adobe bricks to make an organic arrangement that is long-lasting but at the same time offers the richness for the eye that is usually so disastrously lacking in modern towns and cities. We seem to have forgotten for the most part how to create graceful shapes in our houses and office buildings. Maybe the rural materials in villages like this – weathered wood, clay and stone – are difficult to use in an ugly way.

We stayed at our village during especially warm weather in September and we ate nearly all our meals in Chris’s family garden, surrounded by peach and birch trees, hedges of ivy, and a screen of brilliant magenta-coloured morning glories. One memorable meal, though, we had in an apple orchard next to a hayloft where the corn was stored and the family donkey tethered, while the chickens clucked around us. It was a visual as well as a real feast. A long table draped in a dark brown cloth made the dishes of plentiful food look really luscious. To the side of the table stretched a field of crisp, silver cabbage plants bordered by an arbour dripping with chandelier-like bunches of grapes. Our water came from the well that each house has – cool and refreshing on the hot days of our visit.

I think this tranquil and unforgettable setting has created a special mood for this particular collection of quilts, and it is wonderful to be able to share what was, for us, a truly golden experience.

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