Grow, Vol. 8

Grow, Vol. 8

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From the editors of Fine Gardening

Softcover magazine

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  • Type Softcover magazine
  • Published Date 2012

Have more fun in the garden! With Grow, Vol. 8, you’ll expand your vegetable gardening know-how, learn expert techniques for watering, planting, and staking, and get the most from your vegetable patch. Like earlier issues of Grow, this one is a keeper you’ll refer to again and again.

Add exciting new edibles to your garden. Ready to try runner beans, winter squash, apple trees in your garden? Discover what’s so special about these rewarding choices and why they just may be worth a try. And learn how easily you can grow and enjoy the unique taste of some seldom-grown vegetables, such as broccoli raab, kale, fennel, and lots of heirloom tomatoes.

Enjoy the luxury of freshly picked herbs. This issue of Grow introduces the ever-versatile cilantro and an exciting assortment of herbs with lemon-y flavors, perfect for summer salads, coolers, desserts, and more. Once you’ve experienced the vibrant accents these fresh herbs add to food and drink, you’ll want to tuck them into your garden or keep them handy in container gardens.

Grow more in less space. Find new ways to pack more crops into your garden with ingenious ideas for staking structures, trellises, and a clever “bridge” that can accommodate an incredible number of plants! Plus you’ll see how a few 2x10 planks can be transformed into a versatile segmented garden plot that’s easy to set up, take down, and maintain.

Delightful recipes for good food made fresh. Grow, Vol. 8 also helps expand your cooking repertoire. You’ll love the delicious no-fail recipes we’ve included for apples, broccoli raab, cilantro, fennel, kale, lemon herbs, and runner beans — plus tips for canning your own tomatoes. Bon appetit!

Plant your best-ever garden, order Grow, Vol. 8 today.


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Comprehensive Review by Edith

This is a wonderful book, excellent tips on growing organically healthy vegetables and tasty recipes. Everything from soil preparation and care to tips on growing vegetable plants to obtain the best results. I have not tried growing kale yet but this book has encouraged me to!

(Posted on 6/7/12)

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