Fir & Cherry Side Table Video

Fir and Cherry Side Table Video

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DVD with Google SketchUp digital plan

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  • Product # 061093
  • Type DVD with Google SketchUp digital plan
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-756-0
  • Length 60
  • Published Date 2011

Refine your skills and build this finely nuanced table. In just 60 minutes, our video workshop entitled Fir and Cherry Side Table offers valuable insights into what it takes to build this beautifully understated piece. Master furniture maker and woodworking instructor Garrett Hack walks you through the process and demonstrates a variety of advanced techniques in this DVD, that includes a FREE SketchUp Plan.

Take your work to the next level. This project gives you an opportunity to put into practice more demanding techniques, such as cutting identical components, joinery for splayed legs, and using hand- and power-tool techniques together. As you watch, Garrett Hack will show you how to add subtle detailing like the ebony leg cuffs, drawer knob, and decorative inlay to your project.

Learn the secrets of curved drawer construction. The most distinctive component of this side table is the gracefully shaped curved drawer that swings out on a single pivot point. Crafting it helps you master the art of matching grain, aligning and cutting the requisite dovetail joinery, glue-up and drawer assembly.

Put this workshop on your must-do list. From start to finish, this video offers advanced woodworkers a chance to stretch their skills. Enjoy watching an expert at work, up close and personal, and turn out a gorgeous piece worthy of accomplishment.

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