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FC 130

130 August / September 2014

Kebabs, Fish Tacos, Crazy Corn, Tomato Jam, Farm-to-Spoon, Splendor in the Glass, Filipino Spring Rolls, Keep it Cool
Item Number: FCG140901

129 June / July 2014

Grilled Steak A-Z; Lights, Camera, Salad!; Quickles; Go Wild!; Sorbet, Your Way; Keen on Quinoa; Fried Pizza; Piece of Cake
Item Number: FCG140701

128 April / May 2014

Ooey, Gooey, Golden Goodness; Barbecued Shrimp; Baby Spinach in 10; Ham, Sweet Ham; Tagines; Matzo Ball Soup; Rethinking Rhubarb; Whip It Good
Item Number: FCG140501
FC 127

127 February / March 2014

Chili Your Way, We Winter Slaws, Making the Grade, Marble Rye, Fish in a Flash, Rock Your Guac, Discovering Fideos, Turn it Upside Down
Item Number: FCG140301
FC 126

126 December / January 2014

Hors d’Oeuvres in 10; Pot o’ Gold; Hey, Brittle Brittle; Get Saucy!; Slow-Sautéed Winter Vegetables; A Nordic Christmas Feast; Rise & Dine; Baked Alaska
Item Number: FCG140101
FC 125

125 October / November 2013

Eat Your Greens; The United States of Turkey; Mad About Mashes; A Chinese Market Tour; Quick Breads; Chiles Rellenos; The Great Pumpkin Challenge
Item Number: FCG131101
FC 124

124 August / September 2013

Cooking Away; From Garden to Grill; The Kindest Cuts; Biscuits & Beyond; Slow-Roasted Summer Tomatoes; Lobster Rolls; Ten Things You Didn’t Know You Could Smoke; Semifreddo
Item Number: FCG130901

123 June / July 2013

Got Herbs?; Chill Out; A New Way to Cook Fish; Strawberries in 10; Salads That Sizzle; Korean Barbecue at Home; Key Lime Pie.
Item Number: FCG130701
FC 122 Cover

122 April / May 2013

Beyond Roast Chicken; In Praise of Glaze; Really Wild Rice; Quiche, Customized; Country Ham; Shawarma; Radishes Can Take the Heat; Roll Play
Item Number: FCG130501
fc 121 Cover

121 February/March 2013

The Upside-Down Grill; Onion Love; Jambalaya; Pasta Carbonara; Warming Winter Stews; Pierogi From Scratch; Think Thin; Sweet Soufflés.
Item Number: FCG130301

120 December/January 2013

On the Bone, Upper Crust, The Weeknight Pantry, A Pot of Pozole, Shellfish in 15-ish, Hollandaise Sauce, Cookie Swap, Irish Coffee
Item Number: FCG130101
October/November 2012

119 October/November 2012

Turkey BBQ; On the Side; Apple Picking; Chicken Cacciatore; Heavy Metal; Stirring the Chowder Pot; Do the Twist; Bake Now, Eat Later
Item Number: FCG121101
August/September 2012

118 August/September 2012

Rib Roundup, Corn in 10, Custards, Ready to Roll, Soak It!, Fish and chips, The Raw and the Cooked, Sugar-Roasted Peaches
Item Number: FCG120901
June/July 2012

117 June/July 2012

Bird Meets Grill, The New Summer Side, Deviled Eggs, Perfect Pairings, Wok This Way, Make Your Own Bacon, Tres Leches Cake, Blueberry Pie
Item Number: FCG120701
April/May 2012

116 April/May 2012

French Roast; Pizza—Your Way, Any Day; The Carrot 2-Step; Shrimp Cocktail; Crêpes; Beef Rendang; Asparagus in Ten; Lemon Meringue Pie
Item Number: FCG120501
February/March 2012

115 February/March 2012

Macaroni and Cheese, White Meat or Dark?, Pure Gold, Olive Oil Braised Vegetables, Beef Stroganoff, The New Beans on the Block, Cinnamon Raisin Bread, Quick Chocolate Fix
Item Number: FCG120301
December 2011/January 2012

114 December 2011/January 2012

'Twas the Night Before Dinner, Lasagne from Scratch, Winter Green, Shortbread Cookies, Soul-Warming Chicken Soup, Sweet Potato Secrets, German Chocolate Cake
Item Number: FCG120101
October/November 2011

113 October/November 2011

A Crowd-Pleasing Thanksgiving, Pecan Pie, True Ragù, Buttery Dinner Rolls, Cooking in Packets, Beets, Clams Casino, A New Look at Chili
Item Number: FCG111101
August/September 2011

112 August/September 2011

Grilling Greats from a Grilling Great, Tomatoes in 10, Bouillabaisse, Taco Night, Eggplant, A Fresh Start, Ice Pops, Skillet Cobblers
Item Number: FCG110901
June/July 2011

111 June/July 2011

Going Meatless on the Grill, Watermelon, Cedar-Planked Salmon, Lunch at Your Desk, New Ways with Chicken Breasts, Pad Thai, Strawberry Shortcake
Item Number: FCG110701
April/May 2011

110 April/May 2011

Brunch in the Kitchen, Salt-Crusted Fish, Asparagus, Butcher's Best, French Macarons, Thai Curry, Chicken Pot Pie
Item Number: FCG110501
February/March 2011

109 February/March 2011

The New One-Pot Dinner, Go for the Grain, Dinner for Two, Meatloaf, Hello Yellow, Steamed Pork Buns, In a Pickle
Item Number: FCG110301
December 2010/January 2011

108 December 2010/January 2011

Sweets and Sparklers, Classic Beef Wellington, Pear Season, Tortellini en Brodo, Ham It Up, Dessert in a Cookie
Item Number: FCG110101
October/November 2010

107 October/November 2010

Fall for Vegetables, The Ultimate Roast Turkey, Fowl Play, Pan de Muerto, Cooking by the Calendar, Tarte Tatin, The Great Pumpkin
Item Number: FCG101101
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August/September 2010

106 August/September 2010

Bites for a Midsummer Night, Tea-Smoking, Potato Salad, Bananas Foster, Ten Ways to Eat Less Meat, Zucchini, A Pie in Hand
Item Number: FCG100901
$6.95 $3.48
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June/July 2010

105 June/July 2010

Cookout for the Fourth, Flank Steak, Flatbreads on the Grill, Green guide, Lelmon Icebox Cake, Authentic Paella, Cherries on Top
Item Number: FCG100701
$6.95 $3.48
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April/May 2010

104 April/May 2010

Use Your Noodle, Authentic Brioche, Slow-Roasted Leg of Lamb, Cheesecake, All Choked Up, Olive Oil Poaching, Eggs Benedict 
Item Number: FCG100501
$6.95 $3.48
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February/March 2010

103 February/March 2010

Braised Short Ribs, Green Goddess, Party of Two, The Classic Cassoulet, Flex Your Meals, Chinese Dumplings, Devil's Food Cake 
Item Number: FCG100301
$6.95 $3.48
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December 2009/January 2010

102 December 2009/January 2010

Dressed Up, Dressed Down; Duck, Duck, Goose! (and Hens); Parsnips, Uprooted; True Tamales; Cake Fancy; Oh, Fudge!; Cookie Swap
Item Number: FCG100101
$7.99 $4.00
You save 50%
August/September 2009

100 August/September 2009

Play it by Ear, Grilling Shellfish, Cold Comfort, Get Saucy!, Party in the Kitchen, Make Your Own Feta, Eggplant Parmigiana
Item Number: FCG090901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
June/July 2009

99 June/July 2009

Spill the Beans, Scooped!, A New Way to Grill: Barbecue-Braising, Splendor in the Grass, Crab Cakes, Salad: It's What's for Dinner
Item Number: FCG090701
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
April/May 2009

98 April/May 2009

Rise and Party, Mint Condition, A Sweet Bite of Brazil, Brisket: The Real Deal, Sandwich Meets Grill, Homemade Sausage
Item Number: FCG090501
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/March 2009

97 February/March 2009

Oranges, Roast Pork Replay, Homemade Croissants, Creamy Vegetable Soups, Carrot Cake, Any Night's All Right
Item Number: FCG090301
$6.95 $3.48
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December 2008/January 2009

96 December 2008/January 2009

Open House for a Crowd, Dinner with Friends, A Modern Christmas, Coffee Cakes, Smart Cookies, Soup Suppers, The Dark Side of Chocolate
Item Number: FCG090101
$7.99 $4.00
You save 50%
October/November 2008

95 October/November 2008

The Ultimate Thanksgiving, Steak au Poivre, Squash Season, Cooking Without Recipes: Potato Gratin, There's Something About Rosemary, How to: Caramel
Item Number: FCG081101
$6.95 $3.48
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August/September 2008

94 August/September 2008

Grilling Big; Heirloom Tomatoes; Burger Revolution; Nicoise, Cobb, Caesar; Small Plates, Mexican Style; Plum-Perfect Desserts
Item Number: FCG080901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
June/July 2008

93 June/July 2008

Fresh from the Farm; Barbecuing Tender Ribs; Turn Off the Stove; Baked Beans are Back; Two Ways to Roast a Pepper; Small Plates, Perfect for Entertaining; Blueberries Star in Summer Desserts
Item Number: FCG080701
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
April/May 2008

92 April/May 2008

A Cure for Spring Fever; How to Cook a Perfect Fish Fillet; Peas from the Pod; Spaghetti alla Carbonara; Make the Most of Garlic's Two Personalities; Sweet, Crisp Baklava Is an Impressive One-Pan Dessert; One Great Pizza Dough That Makes Calzones and Stromboli, Too
Item Number: FCG080501
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/March 2008

91 February/March 2008

Meatloaf Makeovers; Red, White, and Purple Potatoes; Fast and Flavorful Vegetable Sautés; One Great Macaroni & Cheese; Saucy Chicken from the Oven; The Best Tomato Soups; Make French Bread at Home; Instead of Cream, Try Coconut Milk; Luscious Desserts from Chocolate Ganache
Item Number: FCG080301
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%

90 January 2008

Roast Pork for Today and Tomorrow; Pasta on the Side; Fennel: The Raw and the Cooked; Get Your Gumbo On; A Passage to India; The Secrets to Soft, Fluffy Gnocci; Treat Yourself to Bread Pudding
Item Number: FCG080101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%

89 December 2007

Surprise Your Guests with Homemade Crackers; Roasts to Boast About; Crispy Potato Pancakes; Sprouting Up; Move Over, Gingerbread Man; Thai on the Fly: A Quick Curry for Any Night; A Cookie for Every Occasion
Item Number: FCG071201
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
October/November 2007

88 October/November 2007

Plan Ahead for a Delicious Thanksgiving, An Essential Guide to Roasting Vegetables, Go Nuts: Add Pecans to More Than Just Pie, A New Wave of Spinach Salads, Linguine with Clam Sauce, Cinnamon Buns in Less Than an Hour, How to Make Hearty Bean and Vegetable Soups
Item Number: FCG071101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
August/September 2007

87 August/September 2007

Chicken Thighs Take a Turn on the Grill; Endless Summer Corn Sautés; No-Cook Tomato Sauces; Grilled Bread -- for Satisfying Sides, Starters, and Mains; Steaks, Mexican Style; Dressing Up Grilled Eggplant; Scallions: More than a Garnish; Fresh from the Sea, a Thai Classic; Peaches & Cream
Item Number: FCG070901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
June/July 2007

86 June/July 2007

Appetizers, Hot Off the Grill; Delicious Finishes for Grilled Fish; Quick Pastas with a Kick; The Art of Making Green Salads; Lemon Cheesecake, To Go; A Kitchen That Goes All Out; Chinese Chicken Salad; Make a Memorable Fruit Cobbler
Item Number: FCG070701
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
April/May 2007

85 April/May 2007

A Taste of Spring, The Most Delicious Glazed Ham, How to Make Flaky, Buttery Biscuits; Carrots, Pure & Simple; Sear & Sauce for Fast Shrimp Sautés; Rhubarb's Greatest Hits; Knife Sharpeners
Item Number: FCG070501
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%

83 January 2007

Roast Chicken for Today and Tomorrow; Crowd-Pleasing Crispy Potatoes; Indian-Style Vegetable Stir-Fries; How to Host a Tasting Party; A Sweet Treat That's Easy to Make; The Best Ragús; Frittata: An Italian Omelet; Pound Cake, Perfected
Item Number: FCG070101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
August/ September 2006

80 August/ September 2006

A Taste of Tuscany in Your Own Back Yard; Great Steaks from the Skillet; A Fresh Take On Slaws; Roasted Potato Salads; The New Ratatouille; Think Pink Lemonade; Shrimp, Salmon & Crab Cakes; Simple Summer Fruit Cakes
Item Number: FCG060901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
April/ May 2006

78 April/ May 2006

Spring Fling: Salad for Dinner; Osso Buco; Vegetables, Steamed & Sauced; Any Way You Slice It, You'll Love Pork Tenderloin; How to Make the Best Risotto; Tilapia, Fast & Flavorful; A Piece of Cake
Item Number: FCG060501
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/ March 2006

77 February/ March 2006

Chicken & Potatoes, Side-by-Side; A Winter Gratin Everyone Will Love; Three Ways to Braise Short Ribs; One Versatile Batter, All Your Favorite Muffins; Lemons as the Star; Rice Noodle Stir-Fries; Tiramis, the Ultimate "Pick-Me-Up"
Item Number: FCG060301
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
December 2005/ January 2006

76 December 2005/ January 2006

Roasts with the Most, Sensatinal Twice-Baked Potatoes, 4 Great Ways to Cook Broccoli, Kung Pao Chicken at Home, Friday Night with Friends, Chocolate Desserts On Demand, The Bold Flavors of Dried Mushrooms
Item Number: FCG060101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
October/ November 2005

74 October/ November 2005

A New Spin On Thanksgiving Essentials, Four Fall Side Dishes, a Very Tempting Pumpkin Tart, Warm Salads for Dinner, Making a Succulent Pot Roast, Singapore Noodles, Easy Pured Soups for Autumn, the Sweeter Side of Cranberries
Item Number: FCG051101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
August/ September 2005

73 August/ September 2005

Fresh Tomato Sauces Fast, a Leisurely Summer Picnic, Grilling a Whole Chicken, a Burger with a Twist, How to Make a Rustic Fruit Tart, Fire Up the Grill to Make a Great Summer Salad, Cooking with Fresh Green Chiles, Chill Out with Ice Cream Pie
Item Number: FCG050901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
June/ July 2005

72 June/ July 2005

A Stress-Free Summer Supper; Vibrant Vegetable Salads; Perfectly Seared Scallops; Kebabs: Juke Up the Flavor; Cool, Fresh Summer Rolls; Saucy Chicken Wings; A Dozen Recipes for Strawberry Desserts
Item Number: FCG050701
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
April/ May 2005

71 April/ May 2005

Sear, Roast & Sauce; Quick-Braised Vegetables; Rice Cooked Three Ways; Spaghetti & Meatballs; 3 Chefs Cook Leg of Lamb 3 Ways; Perfect Oven Fries; Caramelized Onions; Cioppino: A Savory Seafood Stew; Pure Vanilla Flavor
Item Number: FCG050501
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/ March 2005

70 February/ March 2005

A Texas Chili Menu; Perfecting Roast Chicken; Zesty Roasted Vegetables Combinations; Maple Syrup; Red Potatoes, Five Ways; Spinach Salad Gets a Flavor Makeover; Spice Up Your Cooking; Pudding Cakes
Item Number: FCG050301
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
December 2004/ January 2005

69 December 2004/ January 2005

A Sensational Menu that Lets You Be With Your Guests; Shrimp Cocktail, Better than Ever; Creating Elegant Winter Salads; A Trifle of Chocolate, Cherries and Cream; Crisp Coating, Moist Chicken, Flavorful Fillings; Make the Most of a Mushroom Saut; Hearty Baked Pasta
Item Number: FCG050101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
October/ November 2004

67 October/ November 2004

A Seattle Chef's Relaxed Menu; Fall's Overlooked Vegetables; Tonight, Try a Crustless Quiche; America's Best Home Cook: The Winning Recipes; The Fastest Chicken Soup in the East; Apple Desserts with Easy Crumb Toppings; Shopping for a New Range
Item Number: FCG041101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
August/ September 2004

66 August/ September 2004

Grilled Pizza Is Great for a Party; Pestos: Basil & Beyond; Chef Vs. Chef: A Summer Challenge; Chicken Salad Milanese; Making a Light Berry Mousse; Smoky, Tender Barbecued Pork; Slow-Roasted Tomatoes; Updating American Fruit Desserts
Item Number: FCG040901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
April/ May 2004

64 April/ May 2004

Simple Steps to Juicy Pork Chops, Four Ways to Cook Asparagus, Cupcakes, Skillet "Roasted" Potatoes, A Savory Chicken Stew, A Trio of Soft Tacos, The Key to a Great Lime Pie
Item Number: FCG040501
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/ March 2004

63 February/ March 2004

Making a Rich, Flavorful Beef Stew; Chicken in a Flash; Polenta Makes a Great Side Dish; Braising Winter Vegatables; Carrot Cake Perfected; Make Marinara Now, Use It Later; Classic Foccacia; Lemon Desserts
Item Number: FCG040301
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
December 2003/ January 2004

62 December 2003/ January 2004

Start Your Party with Savory Coins; Two New Ways to Roast Tenderloin; Fast, Flavorful Vegetable Sauts; A Marinade for Roast Chicken; Chocolate Pavlova; A Lighter Touch with Bean Soups; Three Methods for Macaroni and Cheese; Classic Boston Cream Pie
Item Number: FCG040101
$6.95 $3.48
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Fine Cooking Annual Holiday Baking Issue 2003

61 Fine Cooking Annual Holiday Baking Issue 2003

Four Easy Cakes, Sweet & Simple Rustic Tarts, Trading Cookies, Holiday Pies On Demand, Truly Tender Scones, Buttery Shortbread Cookies, Dinner Rolls with Flavor, a Showstopping Roulade, Special Section: Baking with Chocolate
Item Number: FCG031201
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
October/ November 2003

60 October/ November 2003

Short Ribs for a Relaxed Menu; Quickly Braise Beef, Pork, Or Chicken; Swiss Chard Sauts; Vegetable Gratins On the Side; A Foolproof Menu for Tarte Tatin; Using Up the Turkey; Wild Rice; Great Pumpkin Desserts
Item Number: FCG031101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
August/ September 2003

59 August/ September 2003

Four Ways to Grill Chicken Breasts, Tomato Salads, Grilled Shrimp in the Shell, Refreshing Granitas, a Casual Antipasto Party, a Trio of Cool Summer Soups, Splash On a Vinaigrette, Spice Up Peach Desserts
Item Number: FCG030901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
June/ July 2003

58 June/ July 2003

Grill a Great Steak for a Crowd, Making the Best Bruschetta, A Fresh Approach to Bean Salads, Three Takes on Strawberry Shortcake, Get Ready to Stir-Fry, Peppery Arugula, Grilled Chicken for Today and Tomorrow, Ice-Cream Sandwiches for Grownups
Item Number: FCG030701
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
April/ May 2003

57 April/ May 2003

Salmon -- Broiled, Braised, Grilled, and Sauted; Sear & Steam Vegetables; How to Make a Rice Pilaf; Triple-Chocolate Cheesecake; A Fresh Artichoke is Worth the Effort; Great Grilled Cheese; Beef Stroganoff with a Fresh Twist; A Cookie That Shapes Up Beautifully
Item Number: FCG030501
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/ March 2003

56 February/ March 2003

Shortcut Chicken Stews, Beets -- Roasted Quick Or Slow, Mashing Potatoes to Perfection, An Easygoing Morning Menu, Chocolate-Chip Cookies Two Ways, Oven-Roasted Ribs, Asian Noodle Soups, Pot De Crme: The Ultimate Pudding
Item Number: FCG030301
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
December 2002/  January 2003

55 December 2002/ January 2003

Mediterranean Make-Ahead Menu, Roasted Prime Rib for the Holidays, Golden Russet Potato Gratin, Glazing Carrots for Simple Sides, Chef Vs. Chef: A Sweet Challenge, Cooking with Fresh Ginger, Pineapple Desserts Brighten Winter
Item Number: FCG030101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
Fine Cooking Annual Holiday Baking Issue 2002

54 Fine Cooking Annual Holiday Baking Issue 2002

Holiday Cookies, Holiday Pies with a Twist, Three Great Coffee Cakes, Easy Cheddar-Pecan Puffs, Your Secret Dessert Stash, Crafting a Loaf of Challah, Biscotti, Cookie Baking Gear, Chocolate Mousse Cake
Item Number: FCG021201
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
October/ November 2002

53 October/ November 2002

A Thanksgiving Feast in Four Hours, Dressing Up Pork Loin, Cooking Green Beans for More Flavor, How to Make a Crisp Potato Galette, Dinner in a Skillet: Five Quick Chicken Sauts, Rag alla Bolognese, Pairing Beef Tenderloin with Fall Flavors, Brown-Butter Almond Cake
Item Number: FCG021101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
August/ September 2002

52 August/ September 2002

Juicy, Tender Grilled Chicken; Sweet Summer Corn, Off the Cob; Three Ways to Make Potato Salad; Peppermint Brownies; Velvety Soups from Garden Vegetables; Perfect Iced Tea; An Easy Summer Satay Menu; A Fresh Herb Crust for Pork, Beef, or Lamb; Raspberries -- Simple and Spectacular
Item Number: FCG020901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
April/ May 2002

50 April/ May 2002

An Impressive Dinner, Without the Stress; Popovers from the Blender; How to Make a Light, Creamy Pasta Sauce; High Heat Adds Zip to Cauliflower; A Banana Tart with a Toffee Twist; Tortilla Soup with Chicken and Avocado; Enjoying Grains; Cook Lamb Slowly for Tender Texture; Bread Puddings -- Sweet, Rich, and Light
Item Number: FCG020501
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/ March 2002

49 February/ March 2002

Easy Pizza Dough to Make and Freeze, Roasted Acorn Squash As You Like It, Cooking with Blue Cheese, Recipe Contest: And the Winners Are..., Best-Selling Lemon Bars, Braising Meat So It's Meltingly Tender, Mellow Garlic Without Roasting, the Power of Salt, Hazelnuts & Chocolate
Item Number: FCG020301
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
December 2001/ January 2002

48 December 2001/ January 2002

Elegant but Easy Cornish Hens, Rosti Potatoes, Winter Vegetables Make Warming Side Dishes, Creating Your Own Quick Recipes, Savory Roasted Nuts, Enjoying Duck Confit, Crusty French Bread Rolls, Mocha Chocolate-Chip Cookies, Winter Menu: Cassoulet, Worth the Splurge, Stack a Souffle Cake for a Luscious Holiday Dessert
Item Number: FCG020101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
October/ November 2001

47 October/ November 2001

Turkey, Bread Stuffings, and Gravy; Just Sear & Slice for Great Steak Dinners; French Onion Soup That Warms & Satisfies; Three Methods for...Great Roast Chicken; Five Delicious Ways with Sweet Potatoes; Finally, A Crisp Waffle; Savory, Satisfying Vegetable Stews; Tandoor-Style Flatbreads from Your Own Oven; Authentic Enchiladas with an American Twist; Baking Moist, Tender Upside-Down Cakes
Item Number: FCG011101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
August/ September 2001

46 August/ September 2001

A Casual Menu from Northeast Spain, The Juiciest Grilled Pork Chops, Caesar Salad, High Heat Is Best for Grilling Tomatoes, Tangy Feta Cheese Is Surprisingly Versatile, Show Off Plums in Two Summer Desserts, Discover the Sweetness of Leeks, A Great Way to Cook Fresh Tuna, Consider a Stir-Fry Pan Instead of a Wok, How to Bake a Double-Crust Fruit Pie
Item Number: FCG010901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
June/ July 2001

45 June/ July 2001

Grill a Juicy Burger, Top It to Your Taste; Real Baked Beans in Half the Time; Fresh Vegetables Get Great Flavor Fast; A Do-Ahead Mix for Quick and Easy Baking; Fill Your Soup Pot with Summer's Vegetables; Savory Stuffed Chicken Breasts; The Trick to Smooth Creamy Pesto; Rich Fillings and Simple Sauces Make the Best Ravioli; Scoops for Ice Cream and More; It's Cherry Season
Item Number: FCG010701
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/ March 2001

43 February/ March 2001

A Menu of Hungarian Classics, Cooking without Recipes: Simple Sauts Make Quick & Flavorful Dinners, A Fresh Look at Spinach, Garlic Bread Two Ways, Get Great Flavor from Ground Meat, The Only Peanut Butter Cookie You'll Ever Want, Seeking Greatness in a Grater, Old-Fashioned Cakes with a Subtle Twist, A Spanish Tortilla Is the Best of All Omelets, New York Style Bagels, Making the Creamiest Rice Pudding
Item Number: FCG010301
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%

Out of stock

December 2000/ January 2001

42 December 2000/ January 2001

Make-Ahead Mini Beef Wellingtons; A Trio of Quick Hors d'Oeuvres; Winter Blues? Turn to Hearty Greens; Simply Delicious Roasted Potatoes; A Muffin That Tastes Like a Doughnut; Flavorful Pastas from the Saut Pan; Salt Cod Classics; For Slow-Cooked Flavor in a Hurry, Turn Up the Pressure; Christmas Cookies That Look As Good As They Taste
Item Number: FCG010101
October/ November 2000

41 October/ November 2000

Pulling Together a Stellar Thanksgiving Dinner; Deliciously Tender Vegetable Compotes; Making Hearty Meat Sauces for Great Fall Dinners; Meaty Portabellas Make a Meal; The Classic Quiche Is Back; Master Class: Sole & Scallop Timbales; Three Sweet Breads from One Simple Dough; With Cutting Boards, More Is Better; Baking Homey Apple Desserts
Item Number: FCG001101
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
August/ September 1999

34 August/ September 1999

Turn Grilled Vegetables Into Savory Pasta Sauces; Southern Fried Chicken; Crunchy Slaw, a Cool Foil to Robust Food; Roast Tomatoes Low and Slow for Intense Flavor; Grilling Clams and Oysters; How to Cook Eggplant to Tender, Silky Perfection; Buying Brownies Just Right: Cakey, Chewy, Or Fudgy; In Search of a High-Performance Pepper Mill; Of Bees and Honey; Master Class: Light, Delicate Tempura; Choose the Ripest Fruit for Juicy Desserts
Item Number: FCG990901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
February/ March 1999

31 February/ March 1999

Master Class: Chocolate Truffles, Making Creamy Polenta With No Stirring, Sear-Roasting for Crisp and Juicy Results, Mix Gently for a Moist Meatloaf, Braising Winter's Vegetables, What to Look for in an Ice-Cream Machine, Wrapping up a Savory Stir-Fry
Item Number: FCG990301
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%

Out of stock

August/ September 1998

28 August/ September 1998

Master Class: Twice-Baked Souffls; Whip Up a Blueberry Shortcake; Juicy & Fast Brochettes on the Grill; How to Make the Best Barbecued Ribs; The Secret to Tender, Juicy Stir-Fried Food
Item Number: FCG980901
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
June/ July 1998

27 June/ July 1998

Pick the Cooking Method to Suit the Chicken Salad, a Provenal Summer Menu, How to Cook a Roast On the Grill, Classic French-Style Potato Salad, the Fruit of Summer Shines in Fools, How to Choose a Great Grill
Item Number: FCG980701
$6.95 $3.48
You save 50%
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