Fast Fit

Fast Fit

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Easy Pattern Alterations for Every Figure

Sandra Betzina


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  • Product # 070733
  • Type Paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-56158-649-3
  • Published Date 2003
  • Dimensions 6-1/2 x 10-7/8
  • Pages 256
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Sandra Betzina has done it again. She has written an instant classic.

In Fast Fit, the host of HGTVs Sew Perfect and author of Power Sewing Step-by-Step offers innovative, simple, and straightforward approaches to sewing clothing with the best possible fit, and ultimately, the most flattering look.

In her trademark lively and accessible manner, Betzina makes the process of pattern-altering fun. Whether you are small or tall, thin or plus-sized, short-waisted or long-limbed, Betzina isolates the particular pattern problem and walks you through simple, step-by-step answers. No math. No theories. Just solutions.

"[Sandra Betzina] is certainly one of the most respected sewing authorities."

-- Detroit Free Press

"Sandra has been teaching America to sew for almost 20 years and has given us the tools for fast, professional results that eliminate the 'homemade' look."

Table of Contents


1. Fitting Basics
What Is Good Fit?
Your Body Measurements
Buying the Right Size
Taking Flat Pattern Measurements
Closet Comparisons
The Fitting Shell
Pretesting a Pattern

2. All about Alterations
Sequence for Pattern Alterations
Where to Begin
Altering Multisize Patterns
Upsizing and Downsizing
Altering Length


3. The Length


4. The Back
Broad Back
Narrow Back
Swayback or Down-Sloping Back Waistline
Round Upper Back
Full Back High Hip

5. The Shoulders
Uneven Shoulders
Fleshy Shoulders
Narrow Shoulders
Sloping Shoulders
Square Shoulders

6. The Sleeves
Large Upper Arms
Forward Arm Tilt
Twisted Sleeves

7. The Neckline
Thick or Thin Neck
Forward-Thrusting Neck
Short Neck

8. The Bust and Upper Body
High or Low Bust
Large Bust
Full Bust Gaposis
Small Bust
Gaping Armholes
The Rounded Body
Buttoning over a Large Tummy
Narrow Upper Chest
Protruding Sternum

9. Pants and Skirts
Knock Knees
Bowed Legs
Rising Front Waistline
Big Tummy, Skinny Legs
Tight across the Middle
High Hip
Full Hips
Small Waist
Large Waist
Flat Seat
Low Seat
Protruding Derriere
Full Thighs, Pants
Full Thighs, Dresses, and Skirts
Full Calves
Uneven Hemlines

Pattern List


No matter what our age, every body has distinctive bumps, lumps, and hollows. These bodily features are just one of the things that make us unique -- but sometimes they can also present a challenge, especially when it comes to making garments that fit properly.

This book offers some innovative -- and usually easy -- adjustments to help you sew clothing with the best possible fit and, ultimately, the most flattering look.

There are many ways to alter a pattern. Consider pattern alterations an insurance policy for proper fitting. Fast Fit is full of the techniques that I have found successful and easy to do. Through lots of experimentation (which I've always been a big fan of) and the guidance of this book, you'll find yourself sewing up a storm of garments that will soon become favorites--clothes that fit are clothes you love!

Of course, my methods aren't the only ones that work. There are several fitting books on the market that use other fitting methods, and they may go into more detail for your particular problem. Here are some of them:
  • Pattern Making by the Flat Pattern Method, by Norma Hollen and Carolyn Kundel

  • The Art of Sewing -- A Custom Fit, by Shirley Smith

  • Fitting and Pattern Alteration: A Multi-Method Approach, by Elizabeth Liechty, Delia Pottberg, and Judith Rasband

  • Bodymapping: The Step-by-Step Guide to Fitting Real Bodies, by Kathy Illian

  • Sewing for Plus Sizes, by Barbara Deckert


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Irreplaceable Review by Dawn

If I could only have one fitting resource for sewing this would be it! I have learned so much from this incredible resource. Pleasant, cheerful, well organized content with lots of drawings. Easily understood and delightful. Love it! Everything I make anyone fits now and that's amazing!

(Posted on 6/27/16)

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