Energy-Smart Remodeling

Energy-Smart Remodeling

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From the editors of Fine Homebuilding

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  • Published Date 2012

Make your current home more efficient. Energy-Smart Remodeling provides practical ideas and information on how to boost the efficiency of your existing home. It covers both an introduction to the basics of building science for those new to the topic as well as more advanced projects for homeowners aiming to take a serious bite out of their energy bills.

A comprehensive, sensible approach to improving your home’s efficiency. No time-wasting gimmicks or shortcuts here. Energy-Smart Remodeling is a collection of new and popular Fine Homebuilding articles written by experts and professionals who really know energy efficiency and can introduce readers to the latest technology in home-energy saving.

Especially suited for older homes. Energy challenges are often greatest in classic homes. This special publication, the latest in our “Energy-Smart” series, specifically addresses the energy challenges of these residences, including a feature on an Old Victorian in need of a serious “energy diet.”

Learn the fundamentals and work better with contractors. What you learn in Energy-Smart Remodeling will help homeowners better understand the fundamentals of energy efficiency. With that under their belts, they can tackle DIY projects themselves, and “talk the talk” with professionals they need to get the job done. Plus, our can’t-miss Buyers’ Guides offer reliable advice on how to choose the best insulation, weatherstripping, water heating and air conditioning systems.

Did you know: According to the Dept. of Energy, Americans spend $241 billion a year on home energy – a cost that could be cut in half by improvements in efficiency (source:


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Energy Smart Remodeling Review by Conrad

This is a very informative book on energy savings for your house and new ways of getting a air tight house. This book has articles on insulating using various types of insulating methods. I have learned something from this book and others from Taunton!! So if you want to save on energy get this!!

(Posted on 12/9/14)

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