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Energy-Smart Homes, Vol. 3

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The latest strategies for creating an energy-efficient home

From the editors of Fine Homebuilding

Softcover Magazine

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  • Published Date 2009
Are you looking for new ways to cut energy costs in every corner of your home?

Here's a special publication bursting with innovative, up-to-the-minute strategies to get the job done right -- from heating and cooling system transformations to energy-efficient lighting and insulation ideas. All brought to you by the editors of Fine Homebuilding, who have selected the best advice from professional builders, architects and technicians from coast to coast.

You'll discover a virtual encyclopedia of energy-smart projects that you can implement yourself -- to cash in on significant cost-savings, month after month, year after year. And by creating energy efficiencies throughout your home, you and you family will enjoy a more comfortable, livable environment in every season.

Whether your home is old, new or still on the drawing board, this timely collection of articles will give you all the tools you need to plan, create and enjoy an energy-smart home -- from inspiring design ideas and clever technologies to the most effective techniques and the best new materials.

You'll learn how to reduce energy costs by:
  • Remodeling your home for energy-efficiency
  • Capitalizing on the benefits of passive design
  • Reducing the cost of lighting
  • Selecting energy-efficient windows with our buyer's guide
  • Retrofitting your insulation
  • Reducing the cost of generating hot water
  • Improving your attic insulation
  • Finding out the pros and cons of wood heating
  • Discovering the benefits of spray foam
  • Learning from homeowners who've made smart energy upgrades
With energy costs taking a big bite out of your household budget every month, here's a great opportunity to fight back -- with lots of practical new ideas and all the in-depth advice you need to make constructive changes to your home.

Just pick up a copy of Energy-Smart Homes, Volume 3, roll up your sleeves and watch your energy bills go down with every project you complete.

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