Easy Guide to Sewing Pants (eBook)

Easy Guide to Sewing Pants (eBook)

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Making Beautifully Fitted Pants from Start to Finish

Lynn Macintyre

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  • ISBN 978-1-60085-549-8
  • Published Date 1998
  • Pages 160
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Finding a pair of pants that really fit can be nearly impossible. Now you can learn to make them yourself with this volume in the Sewing Companion Library. Lynn MacIntyre will teach you how to make a beautifully fitted pair from start to finish, no matter what your skill level. With clear instructions for every step, from taking careful body measurements to the final pressing, you can make a garment that fits better and is more flattering than anything you find on the rack.

You will learn how to:
  • take accurate measurements and use them to make pattern adjustments
  • choose the right size pattern
  • adjust a commercial pattern for almost any body type
  • fix specific fitting problems
  • change a basic pattern into numerous styles
  • insert a perfect fly zipper
  • add elastic to a waistband for comfort, and much more!
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Table of Contents

1 Choosing Your Pattern

The Basic Types of Pants
Basic Patterns

2 Choosing Your Fabric

Fashion Fabric
Lining Fabrics
Pocket Lining Fabric
Other Materials
Fabric Yardage
Processing Your Fabric
Truing the Fabric

3 Getting the Right Fit

Taking and Comparing Measurements
Establishing Pattern Reference Points
Refining Adjustments
Crotch Length Adjustments
Truing Your Pattern
Fitting the Pattern

4 Refining the Fit

Analyzing the Fit
Adding the Third Dimension
Your Permanent Pattern

5 Constructing the Pants

Constructing Fashion Fabric Pants
Fitting Your Pants during Construction
Layout, Cutting, and Marking
Lining Your Pants
Seams and Finishes
Darts and Pleats
Finishing the Crotch Seam
Attaching the Lining

6 Stylizing Your Pattern

Transforming Darts
Changing Leg Width
Changing Leg Length
Raised-Waist Pants
Pull-On Pants
Waist Finishes
Belt Loops
Fly-Front Zipper
Slant-Front Pockets with Optional Tummy-Trim Panel


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