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Design Your Own Wardrobe with Mary Ray

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Coordinate a wardrobe around fit, color, and function

Mary Ray


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  • Product # 031042
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  • ISBN 978-1-62113-803-7
  • Length 65 min
  • Published Date 2013

Smart strategies for building a wardrobe that works for you. Design Your Own Wardrobe with Mary Ray is an engaging instructional video appropriate for all sewing skill levels. One of the industry's top designers and instructors demonstrates her savvy approach to creating a fresh new wardrobe that flatters your body type, emphasizes your personal style, and maximizes your options.

Know what you need. First, you'll start with basic considerations such as lifestyle, body type, and comfort level, and then think about the best color palette for you. You'll see how you can tweak patterns and how to mix what you sew with what you buy.

Design around what you love. Next, you'll learn how to plan your wardrobe, and get essential sewing and fitting tips along the way. You'll learn how to use different fabrics and prints to best advantage. By designing around key pieces, you'll end up with a versatile wardrobe that offers almost unlimited possibilities.

Less is more... In Design Your Own Wardrobe, Mary Ray demonstrates how favorite patterns can be the basis for sewing key pieces that mix, match, and work together. And how to coordinate a wardrobe around fit, color, fabric, and function. Never again say, "I have nothing to wear," because you'll have an amazing wardrobe that suits your lifestyle and works for almost any occasion.

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Bonus! Extra content includes: measurement worksheet, garment checklist, resources, color quiz, and selected articles from Threads.

About the Author Mary Ray is a Threads contributing editor, nationally recognized fashion instructor, and award-winning designer.


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