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Curvy Girl Crochet

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Curvy Girl Crochet

Mary Beth Temple

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Curvy Girl Crochet

SKU# 071366

25 patterns that fit and flatter

Mary Beth Temple


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  • Product # 071366
  • Type Paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-412-5
  • Published Date 2012
  • Dimensions 8 1/2 x 10 7/8
  • Pages 160
  • Photos 75
  • Drawings 10

"Not every piece will suit every body, but everybody will find something within these pages that will satisfy their need to create and express their individual styles"
- Mary Beth Temple, Author

Full-figured women who love to crochet will rejoice in this fun, fresh, and pretty new book, Curvy Girl Crochet: 25 Patterns that Fit and Flatter. Instead of making adjustments to “average-size" patterns, this exciting guide celebrates larger women with 25 original crochet patterns designed specifically in plus sizes. Pullovers, sweaters, wraps, and more—every wardrobe staple you can think of is here, with techniques and schematics to show crocheters exactly how to troubleshoot and solve pattern-fitting problems before they occur. Expert crochet designer Mary Beth Temple, whose books can be found in major craft stores nationwide, teaches curvy crocheters everything needed to create fashionable items that will fit and flatter.

About the Author
Mary Beth Temple is a nationally known crochet designer whose work appears in Interweave Crochet, Crochet Today, and Crochet World. She creates and publishes a popular pattern line, Hooked for Life, and her many books include DIY Afghans and The Perfect Pillow. Mary Beth has hosted the interactive podcast, “Getting Loopy,” which won the Flamie Award three times in a row (2009, 2010, 2011) for Best Crochet Podcast, and was among the top 200 shows on the Blog Talk Radio network for 2009. Temple lives in New Jersey.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Projects that Fit and Flatter
Finding Shapes that Flatter 
Measuring for Fit 
Choosing the Best Yarn 

Chapter 2: Finding Your Fit 
Using Gauge Swatches 
Assessing the Pattern 
Determining Ease 
Adapting Hemlines and Sleeves 
Shaping the Waist                
Modifying for Fit: A Sample Project 

Chapter 3: Pullovers, Tunics, and Tank Tops
Essential Pullover 
Curvy Cowl-Neck Pullover 
Verdant Pullover 
Progressive Tunic                 
Counterpoint Pullover 
Aperture Tunic  
Sweetheart Tank Top 
Perfect Base Tank Top 
Orange Marmalade Shell 

Chapter 4: Cardigans, Coats, and Jackets
Essential Cardigan 
Dulcet Wrap Cardigan 
Comely Cardigan 
Simply Stripes Jacket 
Intertwined Poncho 
Peacoat for Rule Breakers 
Traditional Cloak 

Chapter 5: Wraps, Bags, and Accessories
Stratum Wrap 
Banded Cowl 
Coalesce Wrap 
Sensible Shawl 
Wrapt Top 
Shimmer Scarf 
Skirt the Issue 
Aureate Vest 

Techniques and Stitches 
Skill Level Key 
Stitch Diagram Key
Sizing Chart 
Hook Sizing and Abbreviations 
Yarn Information 
Standard Yarn Weights 
Metric Equivalency Chart 
Project Index 

About the Author 


One thing I’ve learned from years of designing patterns: If you put 50 plus-sized women in a room, no two of them will be plus-sized in quite the same way.

I worried about this when I began creating this book—how would I come up with patterns that would suit everyone? In the end, I decided that this was a wonderful opportunity to create flattering garments for all sorts of different body types. Not every piece will suit every body, but everybody will find something within these pages that will satisfy their need to create and to express their individual styles. After all, aren’t cookie-cutter clothes what we are trying to step away from?

You know what will suit everybody? Crochet! While you may have heard that crochet garments weren’t flattering for plus-sized figures, those bulky, boxy garment shapes referred to by the crochet naysayers are a thing of the past. Contemporary crochet designers know what you are about to find out—that using lightweight yarns, open stitch patterns, garment shaping, or a combination of all three creates beautiful garments with style and drape. Crochet really does lend itself to garments that fit and flatter.

In this book you’ll find crocheted pullovers, cardigans, coats, wraps, jackets, and more. An entire wardrobe of year-round looks, designed with your curves in mind. But I’ve also included tips, tricks, and techniques for determining how to alter these patterns to fit your unique shape. I know most of you will skip over the instructional material at the beginning of this book and turn right to the eye candy—the patterns! But I do hope you read over all of that mathy goodness in chapters 1 and 2 before you start stitching. In the back of the book you’ll find stitch patterns, yarn information, and a host of other resources, although I can’t say I blame you for heading right for the good stuff.

So turn the pages and explore the possibilities. Your style, your body, your turn!


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