Contemporary Woodturning

Contemporary Woodturning

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Techniques & Projects

Nick Arnull


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  • Type Paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-776-8
  • Published Date 2012
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Woodturning, a form of woodworking where the wood is moving while a stationary tool is used to cut and shape it, is capturing the attention of crafters near and far. Contemporary Woodturning, a clearly illustrated guide for woodworkers of all skill levels, features step-by-step instructions for creating 15 original projects with contemporary flair. Easy-to-follow and supported by over 750 inspiring photos, chapters include expert information on spindle and faceplate turning, end-grain hollowing, as well as some nifty decorative techniques such as pyrography, texturing, carving, piercing, and coloring.

In addition, readers will have instant access to the most up-to-date information on tools and equipment, sharpening, abrasives, and finishing, plus health and safety issues. Whether you’re a seasoned turner or just starting out, Contemporary Woodturning will bring an abundance of technique and encouragement to your shop.

About the author
Nick Arnull is a professional woodturner who produces decorative turned wood art and turned spindles for furniture makers and builders. He has demonstrated at woodturning symposiums all over the world, including the Utah Woodturning Symposium. Arnull has a knack for sharing his woodturning techniques in a logical and clear manner that anyone can pick up on. Arnull lives in the UK.

Table of Contents

Part One: Workshop Basics

Chapter One: Health and Safety        
Face protection
Dust extraction                                                                           
Supplementary cleaning equipment                                         
Storage of finishing products                                                               

Chapter Two: Turning Tools and Equipment 
Essential turning tools
Calipers and measuring equipment
Drill bits and Jacobs chuck
The workshop

Chapter Three: Sharpening Woodturning Tools

Chapter Four: Carving and Decorating Equipment
Essential equipment

Chapter Five: Abrasives
Finishing products
Sanding brushes

Chapter Six: Applied Finishes
Sanding sealers

Part Two: Basic Techniques and Projects

Chapter Seven: Spindle Turning
Drive and live centers
Mounting wood on the lathe
Projects: cord/light pull and door wedge

Chapter Eight: Basic Bowls and Faceplate Work
Chucking methods
Project: wide-rimmed bowl

Chapter Nine: Faceplate and Spindle Project
Project: hourglass

Chapter Ten: End-Grain Hollowing
Selecting the wood
Hollowing rigs
Preparing wood for the lathe
Vessel turning
Projects: end-grain vessel/hollow form and basic box

Chapter Eleven: Detail and Texture
Wood choice
Carving techniques
Texturing techniques
Adding texture
Alternative textures
Pyrography techniques
Projects: adding a pyrographed design and piercing a bowl rim 

Chapter Twelve: Coloring
Color theory
Coloring techniques
Project: using coloring techniques

Part Three: The Projects

  • Turned and decorated fruit
  • Offset gem bowl    
  • Jewelry                                                                                      
  • Carved-rim bowl                                                                   
  • Moroccan-style coffee pot                                               
  • Sycamore rocket box                                                         
  • Flame twist vase                                                                   
  • Flared-rim bowls                                                                 
  • Decorated oval flask                                                            
  • Diamond-rim bowl                                                               
  • Hanging vessel                                                                      
  • Trio of nesting boxes                                                           
  • Ginger jar                                                                               
  • Contemporary wall hanging        

For me, woodturning is a way of life. My passion for creating pieces with visually exciting impact continues to grow and evolve as I push the creative boundaries ever farther.

Constraints upon creativity should be minimal and unhindered, so let your imagination be the only boundary.

I first became involved with woodturning back in 1996. I’d always had a driving ambition to become a full-time artist, and now I’m happily fulfilling that goal by making three-dimensional tactile objects from wood before adding color and texture.

Working with your hands and mind is a rewarding experience and one that I believe we can all enjoy, regardless of our level of woodturning abilities. Each person experiences a sense of achievement after creating their first piece; as your skills develop, so will the quality of your pieces as well as your understanding of the various processes involved.

My knowledge and techniques I willingly share with those who wish to learn. My book will help guide you through the creative process of woodturning, covering important techniques and as yet unpublished hints and tips, as well as delving into the thinking behind the projects, while still allowing for originality. This is not just a book for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced turner; it has something for turners at every level.

I hope you enjoy reading my book and using the techniques to create some of the woodturning projects.


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