Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Bandsaws (eBook)

Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Bandsaws (eBook)

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The bandsaw is the most efficient saw you can have in your shop.

Roland Johnson

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  • Published Date 2010
The bandsaw is a woodworking favorite and the workhorse of any wood shop. Craftsmen and women turn to this practical tool for a wide array of tasks -- cutting curves, ripping stock, making a variety of useful joints, using guides and templates, and transforming thick boards into veneer. Now woodworkers can learn to make the most of their bandsaw in this valuable addition to the acclaimed Complete Illustrated Guide library.

The format is highly visual, covering all there is to know about working with a bandsaw -- from basic uses to some of the most advanced techniques -- including shaping operations and sophisticated joinery. Safety and bandsaw maintenance complete this essential guide.

About the Author
Roland (Rollie) Johnson's woodworking career extends over three decades. He began his own furniture restoration business in 1976 and moved on to commercial furniture making in 1977. He is a contributing editor of Fine Woodworking, and has written over 100 articles for the magazine throughout his career. He teaches woodworking all over the country.


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Table of Contents
Section 1: The Versatile Bandsaw
Cutting Abilities
Types of Saws
Buying New
Buying Used

Section 2: Tune-Up and Alignment
Tire Maintenance
Handling Blades
Zero-Clearance Insert

Section 3: Bandsaw Blades
Blade Thickness & Width Cleaning Blades Storing Blades

Section 4: Blade Guides
Squaring Guides
Replacing Guides

Section 5: Safety
Know Thy Saw
The Bandsaw Workstation
Safety Gear
Safety Accessories
A Safe Stance
Safe Stock Feeding

Section 6: Sawing Straight
Basic Cuts
Dealing with Blade Drift
Using Fences
Two Essential Jigs

Section 7: Sawing Basic Curves
Circles & Arcs
Complex Curves

Section 8: Advanced Cutting Techniques
Compound Sawing
Curved Moldings
Making Tenons
Special Techniques
Slabbing Logs

Bandsaws are the Jekyll-and-Hyde tools of the woodshop. They appear benign and easy to operate but can be diabolical when it comes to producing repeatable results. Many woodworkers harbor deep distrust and dark suspicions about the family lineage of their saw and suspect it of having a willful soul that disrespects any project brought to it.

But in reality, the bandsaw is the most valuable power tool in the furniture shop. It can rip, crosscut, and saw curves through thick and thin material with less waste and power than any other saw in the shop. When the right blade is installed, the saw setup fine-tuned, and the proper technique used, the stars align. Truth is, a bandsaw can perform so admirably that a woodworker may wonder why he or she would need another power saw in the shop.

This book will provide all the information you need to align those stars and to make your bandsaw a joy to operate with absolutely predictable results every time you flip the switch and run wood past the blade.

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