Build a Router Table

Build a Router Table

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Plus BONUS SketchUp Plan

Matt Kenney


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  • Product # 061103
  • Type DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-518-4
  • Length 45
  • Published Date 2011

Watch an expert build a router table. In only 45 minutes, you get a complete class in building a key component of any workshop with Build a Router Table. The guru of routers, Matt Kenney walks you through all the basics on this DVD, that includes a Bonus SketchUp Plan.

Build a solid table that speeds your work. Invest a little time and you can easily construct this essential work surface. It will secure your router and provide a reliable and maneuverable fence to guide your stock. Great for ease of working and safety.

Get more from your routers. See how Matt uses an accessory lift with a conventional fixed-based router, works a router with built-in lift technology, and deals with dust collection. You’ll also learn how to build a variety of accessories, including push sticks and clamp devices.

Plus – get a refresher in basic techniques. Whatever your skill level, you can learn something new watching Matt put a router through its paces on this great new table.

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About the author
Matt Kenney - Watertown, Connecticut
A teacher of philosophy before he started working as an editor at Fine Woodworking, Matt Kenney started building furniture as a hobby. His first big project was a crib for his daughter constructed on a 2 ft. by 10 ft. apartment balcony. Then Matt met Joe Mazurek, a professional furniture maker in Camden, SC., who, according to Matt, “taught me almost everything I know about the craft.”


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