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Bowfront Wall Cabinet

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Solid lessons in vacuum press veneering and more

Matt Kenney


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  • Product # 061123
  • Type DVD
  • ISBN 978-1-62113-833-4
  • Length 90
  • Published Date 2013

Build an elegant wall cabinet with subtle curves. In this Fine Woodworking workshop DVD, furniture maker Matt Kenney will show you how to build a bowfront cabinet that features a curved front and a beautiful mix of woods, including: cherry, Douglas fir, and cocobolo. Plus, your DVD comes complete with digital and SketchUp plans.

Expand your woodworking skill set. This project will add new skills to your repertoire and give you the satisfaction of building an exquisitely detailed cabinet. Some of the woodworking and tool techniques you’ll master along the way include:

  • making vacuum-press veneering
  • producing shop-sawn veneers
  • dovetail joinery
  • joinery tricks for square drawers with curved fronts
  • bent-laminate drawer fronts
  • the art of subtle detailing
  • two finishing techniques

A small project with big rewards! Add Bowfront Wall Cabinet DVD to your woodworking library and you’ll enjoy a step-by-step roadmap to producing this beautiful piece. Small in size, this wall cabinet is big on expanding your woodworking skills and it is a gorgeous addition to any room.

Matt Kenney - A teacher of philosophy before he started working as an editor at Fine Woodworking, Matt Kenney began building furniture as a hobby. His first big project was a crib for his daughter constructed on a 2 ft. by 10 ft. apartment balcony. Then Matt met Joe Mazurek, a professional furniture maker in Camden, S.C., who, according to Matt, “taught me almost everything I know about the craft.”

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Table of Contents


Episode 1: Making the Templates and Bending Form
Prepare all the templates and bending forms required for this project using router techniques

Episode 2: Building the Cabinet Part 1
Construct the basic cabinet shell using traditional dovetail joinery while components are still square

Episode 3: Building the Cabinet Part 2
Complete the construction of the cabinet with the shelves and drawer dividers

Episode 4: Making the Door Cores
Construct curved, veneered doors over plywood cores

Episode 5: Making the Door Veneers
Produce your own shop-sawn veneers and edge banding for a seamless grain match on cabinet doors

Episode 6: Making the Drawers
Construct curved drawer fronts using bent lamination techniques

Episode 7: Finishing Details
Add a back, custom drawer and door pulls, and learn about two different finishing techniques


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