Bookcase with Bracket Feet Video Workshop Series

Bookcase with Bracket Feet Video

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Build this classic while building your confidence
Inspiration to create - and customize - this elegant bookcase

DVD with plan

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  • Product # 061078
  • Type DVD with plan
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-377-7
  • Length 43 minutes
  • Published Date 2010

Learn along with Philip C. Lowe as he crafts this classic. Our video workshop DVD series was developed to demonstrate important woodworking techniques while building a specific project – such as this elegant bookcase. In this 40-minute video geared for intermediate and advanced woodworkers, the award-winning teacher Philip C. Lowe shares his vast experience with you.

Build it yourself and build your skills. You’ll gain experience and confidence as you watch a pro construct a sturdy case and face frames, cut curves with a bandsaw, edge plywood, shape moldings, glue up, and add masterful finishing touches. Plus you will learn how to customize your bookcase with either flat or ogee bracket feet.

Includes a PDF plan and covers the following topics:

  • Laying Out and Cutting the Parts
  • Dadoes and Rabbets
  • Beginning the Assembly
  • Making a Flat Bracket Base
  • Attaching Moldings
  • Finishing the Case
  • Ogee Bracket Feet, Part 1 & 2
  • Finishing Options
One Bookcase, Two Bases with Philip C. Lowe

Join award-winning woodworker and teacher Philip C. Lowe in this video workshop, building a bookcase with adjustable shelves. You'll get two options for the base. The basic case has a flat-bracket base, with simple curves cut on the bandsaw. Or, you can substitute an ogee bracket foot.

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Great project, but the DVD has some serious pacing issues. Review by Wood Talk Review Show

Phil Lowe is an accomplished craftsman and its a pleasure watching him build a project in his shop, but the aggressive pacing makes it difficult to keep up. The editor tried to cram so much action into the voiceovers that its difficult to appreciate the actual woodworking that's being performed. All this comes at the expense of details and overall comprehension. That said, an intermediate to advanced woodworker should be able to reproduce this project easily but with two caveats: they don't mind pausing and rewinding frequently, and they actually want to build the project in the video, and not the one pictured on/in the case.

(Posted on 2/14/13)

1 Reviews

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