Basic Box Making and Basic Box Making DVD

Basic Box Making and Basic Box Making DVD

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Learn the art of box making with this valuable book and its companion DVD

Doug Stowe

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  • Product # 07A708
  • Published Date 2008
Now you can save over 10% when you buy these two popular resources on the art and craft of box making.

Basic Box Making is the authoritative guide to box making from one of the foremost experts in the craft.

You'll learn all the basic skills you need to get started - plus advanced techniques to create more sophisticated, finely-crafted boxes.

Project after project, you'll pick up useful tips and advice, as your skills improve and the finished product becomes more satisfying.

Basic Box Making DVD is ideal for beginning woodworkers who want to learn the fundamentals by watching a seasoned pro in action.

You'll discover basic designs, inside secrets and a wide range of woodworking techniques that will help you build your skills over time.

Whether you're interested in making a practical item, or even a gift, here's an easy way to see precisely how it's done.
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