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Back to the Cabin

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More inspiration for the classic American getaway

Dale Mulfinger


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  • Product # 071421
  • Type Hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-521-4
  • Published Date 2013
  • Dimensions 9 1/2 x 10
  • Pages 256
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"From ruggedly rustic to light-filled luxury to pronto prefab, Mulfinger provides detailed floor plans and site illustrations that set this book apart from your average "pretty house pictures" book."
- Meg White, National Association of Realtors website, 

“Celebrate the spirit of cabin living with this stunning collection of 37 cabins.”
- Cabin Life Magazine

"Back To The Cabin, with its lavish photos (250+) and illustrations, is eye candy for anyone who has grown weary of the city and longs for a simple life of smooth river stones, rough-hewn logs, and warm, flickering lights."
- Lee Wallender, Guide to Home Renovations,

A yearning for smaller homes...simpler times! Architect and renowned “cabinologist” Dale Mulfinger rekindles our love of the iconic American cabin in Back to the Cabin. This latest book picks up where his best seller, The Cabin, left off, engaging readers with fresh insights and strategies for designing a contemporary cabin with all the charm of yesteryear.

Renewing America’s long love affair with cabins. From rustic bungalows to log cabins, the bare-bones getaway house provides families with a sense of freedom from the everyday and the camaraderie of living close in shared spaces. In stark contrast to today’s hi-tech world, cabin living is uncomplicated and basic – another reason spurring interest in these cozy shelters.

A collection of 37 cabins – all different, all appealing. These cabins recapture an old-world spirit of simple living, when the mudroom was entry enough for all and burning wood was for more than just ambiance. Others are more surprising – the “new” cabin that blends old-time simplicity with modern must-haves, cabins that come packaged as kits, cabins built from recycled materials, and others that are “just for fun.”

About the author Architect Dale Mulfinger has designed cabins all over North America. A principal of SALA Architects, he teaches a class on cabin design at the University of Minnesota School of Architecture.


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Table of Contents
Introduction: Getting Away from It All

Memories of Yesteryear
Lundie’s Legacy
Parks and Rec Redo
Her Dream/His Enchantment
Barn Life
Adirondack Camp
Bird’s Eye
Backyard Hideaway

Add and Upgrade
Sing Along
Adding Charm
Access to Water
Simple Elegance
“A” Plus
Old Glory
Subtract and Add

Prepackaged and Gift-Wrapped
Instant Cabin
Georgia Peach
The Well-Contain(er)ed Cabin
Home Run
The Hamlet
A Kernel Idea

Step Lightly on the Land
Story Line
Energy Shed
Earth and Sky
Cabin Classroom
Thinking Locally
Opposites Attract

Just for the Fun of It
Base Camp for Fun
Tall Tales
A Work in Progress
Elfin Heaven
Boarding House

Light and Air
One Big Room
Panoramic View
Light Sheds
Screen Play
Porch Wrap

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