Asian-Inspired Hall Table Video Download

Asian-Inspired Hall Table Video Download

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Ramp up your skills and conquer tricky joinery

Timothy Rousseau

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  • Product # 067129
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  • ISBN 978-1-62113-003-1
  • Length 114 minutes
  • Published Date 2012

Expand your skills as you craft this Asian-style table. In about 114 minutes, this instructional video from the Fine Woodworking Video Workshop series guides you through the process of building this subtly nuanced Asian Inspired Hall Table. In this engaging download, furniture maker Tim Rousseau also demonstrates a variety of ingenious woodworking techniques for constructing:

  • tricky wood joinery
  • tapered table legs
  • a floating tabletop
  • graceful curves made with a bandsaw and spokeshave

Master a variety of techniques for refining every woodworking project you do. If you’ve ever labored over making consistent tapers for all four table legs, you’ll welcome Tim’s solution: using a patterning sled at the router table. It’s a woodworking technique you’ll come to rely on, as well as his methods for shaping graceful curves and using spacer blocks for perfectly matched through-mortise-and-tenon joinery.

Insider secrets that really make a difference. As you learn how to build this seemingly simple table with Eastern influence, you’ll discover amazing techniques you’ll use again and again. You’ll benefit from Tim’s hard-won shop experience, including how to:

  • use wood shavings to burnish components to a super-smooth finish
  • pare down tenon shoulders for a perfect fit
  • achieve a perfect grain match on any tabletop

Choosing the right finish. Finally, Tim shares his tips for applying a simple, oil varnish wood finish that brings out the tight grain on quartersawn walnut. Get some helpful finishing pointers as you watch him check for and address any last-minute blemishes that might mar the final wood finish. With this step-by-step video, you can build your own Asian inspired table and master techniques that will make you a better woodworker.

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