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Published Date:  2013

The Fine Cooking Magazine Archive is a tool no cook should be without. In one amazingly easy-to-install and simple-to-search disc, you'll enjoy 19 years of content from our award-winning magazine. That's all 126 issues of Fine Cooking, starting with Issue #1 and including all the issues from 2013.

You'll get the classic articles, a wealth of information on the hottest topics, plus insight from our most popular contributors – it's all the expert advice you need to become an even better cook. And with the 2013 Fine Cooking Magazine Archive, that information is right at your fingertips – it's a breeze to search through, and you'll know that every technique and recipe you find is guaranteed to be triple-tested in the Fine Cooking test kitchen.

Our collection from 2013 includes articles you won’t find anywhere else – the articles our readers said they couldn’t have done without this year, such as “In Praise of Glaze,” (#122) where we dust off a classic technique that will make vegetables taste amazing, and that issue’s Create Your Own Recipe feature, “Quiche, Customized,” which gives you endless combinations for this quintessential brunch dish. Another make-your-own feature on “Warming Winter Stews” (#121) is a perfect way to enjoy a cold-weather favorite exactly how you like. Four fabulous recipes for onions in #121’s “Onion Love” will have you eyeing this pantry staple in a whole new way. And of course we have the answers when it comes to entertaining: “On the Bone” in issue #120 shows you how to buy, cook, and carve spectacular holiday roasts. For a more casual get-together nothing satisfies like a vegetable gratin, and “Upper Crust” in issue #120 gives you four simple steps to crunchy, cheesy, creamy perfection. Order this year’s Archive collection to ensure you get these can’t-miss pieces!

A range of ideas for every taste
Say you're planning a meal and you want fresh new ideas. Or you want a spectacular holiday menu and you'd love to see what we've had in our pages. Well, how about nearly two decades worth of ideas! We've covered all the topics cooks want to know about. And with our virtually instant search results, you'll cut your planning, prep, and frustration by hours, days, even weeks.

See experts cooking their classics, step-by-step
At Fine Cooking we turn to the experts to see what they're cooking now, and we help you
recreate the results in your own kitchen. Look what you'll enjoy in our 2013 Fine Cooking Magazine Archive:

AidellsBruce Aidells – Many know Bruce best as the guy on the package of Aidells Sausage, but he’s also one of the country’s premier experts on meat. Back in 2003, Bruce wrote the ultimate guide on prime rib. Since then, he’s contributed articles on how to cook a holiday ham, pan-fry steak to perfection, and much more. And all it takes to find his recipes is a click of the mouse.
BastianichLidia Bastianich – Who doesn’t love Lidia? Her warm personality shines through in everything she writes, including her primer on perfecting risotto in our April/May 2006 issue. Simply search the archive for "best risotto" and you’ll find it.
ConantScott Conant – As the chef-owner of the acclaimed Scarpetta restaurants, Scott knows a thing or two about pasta. He shared some of his best tips in his “Quick Pastas with a Kick,” his article that ran in summer 2007. Type in his name and you’ll not only find his pasta recipes, but you’ll also discover his amazing update on eggs Benedict in which poached eggs get rolled in breadcrumbs and deep fried. Delizioso!
WeirJoanne Weir is many things—chef, restaurateur, cooking instructor, author, and TV personality—but first and foremost she’s a teacher. Fine Cooking readers have enjoyed learning from her since the magazine’s earliest days (her bread salads from the June/July 1996 issue still inspire). Use our archive to check out (and print out) all of her recipes. Then get cooking!

It's everything you love about the magazine, all in one place
Whether you're a long-time subscriber or a casual reader of Fine Cooking, you know there are some articles that you'll find only in our pages.

Like our regular feature "Cooking Without Recipes" – a signature approach that first appeared in Issue #43, from February/March 2001. Or how about "Repertoire," where you learn how to make foods all good cooks have in their arsenal. And everyone loves "Classic/Classic Update" – where we show you the very best recipe for a classic, then turn it on its head in an unbelievable Classic Update.

Years worth of these signature features can be found together in one place** – the Fine Cooking Magazine Archive.

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