2006 Finishing & Refinishing Furniture CLEARANCE

2006 Finishing & Refinishing Furniture

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2006 Finishing & Refinishing Furniture

From the editors of Fine Woodworking

Softcover magazine

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Finishing a newly made table or redoing an antique?

Get shop-tested answers to your questions about finishing new or used furniture from experts who do it for a living. Here, all in one magazine, you'll find the top-rated articles on finishing from recent issues of Fine Woodworking magazine.

Now you can get the best results applying any finish, including: polyurethane, oil, varnish, shellac, paint, and more.
Table of Contents
Starter Kit
Four experts weigh in on essential finishing supplies
By Mark Schofield

Surface Prep
Smart sanding is the first step toward a beautiful finish
By David Sorg

Gel Stains
These forgiving products are great for blotch-prone woods like pine and cherry
By Teri Masaschi

Mixing Colors
When off-the-shelf stains won't work, create your own
by peter gedrys

Durable finish varies from brand to brand, and your application method should too
by Michael dresdner

Versatile and forgiving, no other finish seals and colors wood as well
by peter gedrys

Brush Care
Used and cleaned correctly, the right brush will last a lifetime
By David Sorg

Aerosol Finishes
Convenient and easy to use, aerosols now offer better technology and more finish options
By Chris A. Minick

How to succeed at the fastest finishing method of all
By Jeff Jewitt

Foolproof Finishes
Easy Oil and Wax
This low-luster finish highlights the wood and is easy to apply and renew
By Charles Shackleton

Mission Oak
Reproduce a classic fumed finish without the ammonia
By Jeff Jewitt

Warmer Walnut
Add color to bring out the best in this traditional hardwood
By Jeff Jewitt

Outdoor Furniture
Epoxy sealer and marine varnish protect wood against the weather
By Teri Masaschi

Rich Mahogany
Color freshly cut mahogany to the deep shades of old-world furniture
By Jeff Jewitt

Country Pine
Four-step process brings out the best in this traditional wood
By Jeff Jewitt

High-Gloss Varnish
A long-lasting, highly polished finish can be achieved with a brush
By David Sorg

Painting Furniture
Perfect Paint Job
Follow three steps for a flawless painted finish
By Paul Snyder

Milk Paint
A traditional painted finish that improves with age
by Mike Dunbar

Refinishing and Repairs
Choose the right chemical for the finish you want to remove
By Jeff Jewitt

Fixing Damage
Scrapes, scratches, water marks,dents and dull finishes are not fatal
By Jeff Jewitt

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Excellent magaine covering wood finishing and is still current in 2013. Review by Doug

Magazine covered all facets of wood finishing and was authored by the finest finishers in the field.There is a wealth of information in this magazine and at the price, it is a great value that can't be beat.

(Posted on 4/9/13)

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