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101 More Tips for Woodworkers

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  • Published Date 2012
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Take advantage of years of hard-won experience. Our editors have collected the best tips from the last three years of Fine Woodworking and assembled them by category in 101 Tips for Woodworkers. Regardless of your experience, you’ll want to own this special issue bursting with valuable time- and labor-saving strategies, tips, and solutions.

Smart ways to organize your shop. Learn how to provide a place for everything in your workshop with cabinets, wall storage, and racks. And, when space is tight, don’t give up. Here you’ll find innovative storage solutions, including: hinged panels, swiveling storage stacks, and even a portable workbench tool caddy.

Working better and more safely. Fine Woodworking experts share their secrets for starting every project properly with tips for safely milling wood, ripping, crosscutting, and working with sheet goods. Plus, you’ll learn how to get tools sharp fast, cut strong, tight-fitting joinery, and use jigs to speed and your work.

Taking control of your projects. 101 Tips for Woodworkers includes proven techniques for conquering the many challenges of clamping and gluing up, showing you how to get cleaner, more consistent results with fewer frustrating moments. And finally, you’ll discover how the experts take the fear out of finishing.

101 easy ways to improve your work. Don’t miss this special issue. It’s definitely a keeper because it shows you how to work smarter – not just harder. Little things really do add up. When you put these 101 tips to work, you’ll be amazed at how much your work will improve.


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